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this tumblr is mainly reblogs of social justice posts i find interesting or informative, as well as some funny comics and cute animals. occasionally my own thoughts. 



nothing bad can happen while ur under a blanket just remember that


btw somebody telling you you’re wrong is not in fact infringing on your right to have an opinion

your opinion’s overwhelming wrongness has not caused it to expire or become unthought



what the hell even are neurotypical problems

"Gee golly whiz should i take strawberry or blueberry jam on my toast this fine morning"


*gets out of shower*

*sits in towel and scrolls tumblr until well after being dry*

i have an amazon gift card and i was thinking about buying a nice sweet loli dress or skirt to cheer myself up, i dont care about brands so i figured there’d be a knockoff i could find… but they’re all so expensive and most are only small sizes ;~;



At which point in the transition process do they instal the metal cyborg claws?

Five to seven weeks on HRT, I think it is. They’re also covered by your insurance by law, because the supreme court ruled that they should be accessible to everyone, on the basis of being “hecka sick”.

dream world tbh